Angie Fenimore

Choosing an editor who sees your vision and will skillfully elevate your work―while also preserving your voice― is one of the most important investments you can make in the success of your book. Angela has an eye for impeccability, an ear for precision in storytelling, and a love for the magic of words.

Tiffany Clark Harrison

Angela’s team . . . coached me on how to craft my story in the way that agents are looking for. I also used Eschler Editing to write my query letter—within 24 hours of sending it, a much sought-after agent requested my manuscript exclusively. Thank you for everything!”

Rebecca Rode

I asked Eschler Editing for help with plot and structure on my novel Numbers Game—and also issued a challenge: I needed 20K words cut from my manuscript. . . . Numbers Game soared on Amazon—hitting #1 in two categories (passing up Divergent and Hunger Games a couple times) and is now an international bestseller; so I’m pretty happy! Plus . . . I View Full →

Rachelle Christensen

In 2015 I entered an intense competition to win the Kindle Scout publishing contract (the foremost ebook publisher in the world with access to massive Amazon promotion). I had a good story overall . . . but wanted to create a best seller, so I worked with Eschler Editing through the intense process of fine-tuning. The help View Full →

Brian Souza

Having written two books and countless articles, I’ve worked with numerous editors over the years. I can say without reservation that Angela and team are head and shoulders above the rest.