Website/Blog Development

Explanation of Services & Process

Whether you’ve signed a contract with a traditional publisher and are looking forward to seeing your book in production, or are ready to self-publish and tackle the market yourself, you’ll find that having a Web presence is a requirement for any author who intends to build a platform for book sales and future fans. Traditional publishers expect you to have one, and self-publishing is largely a Web-based endeavor these days.

We can help you can create a simple but attractive one-to-three page site where you can showcase your books and/or entertain a potential fan base with witty or interesting blog content, or you can opt for a more involved Internet presence—keyword optimized for Web-friendly customer searches—through which you can increase your potential readership by simultaneously updating multiple social media sites with your content; take advantage of exciting new online marketing and tracking tools that can advertise and sell books for you and automatically gather information on your fan base (helping you to contact fans regarding future books); connect to  affiliate and networking sites where others can sell your books; and, last but not least, through which you can sell your knowledge in additional formats beyond your books—through e-books, podcasts, and other online (or shippable) audio and video products (particularly helpful for nonfiction authors).

We can assist you in building a site with any or all of these qualities through our preferred vendors, who are personable and have the skills, knowledge, and professionalism to get the job done. Our web-design partners have also offered a 10% discount to any of our clients; so review the pricing information below and contact us about making your book’s debut a success.  


Website development options range from $150 to $2000 depending on the complexity of the site you want and whether it is author or designer maintained. The biggest pricing variable is based on the second part of that equation—whether or not an author wants to be able to update the site themselves or if they prefer the designer to maintain the site along with initial creation. The three basic types of websites are:

1)      Designer built and maintained (which can be static sites requiring little maintenance, or sites requiring more frequent updating)

2)      WordPress-based sites (or other template-based formats) that authors can pretty easily maintain themselves with minimal training, as they function similar to word-processing programs

3)      Websites with an easy-to-edit back end called a Content Management System. Content Management Systems function similar to the WordPress administrator pages, except that there is more flexibility with what the author can change, and you can use a custom-designed website rather than relying on an existing WordPress template/theme/framework, which can limit your function and aesthetics options

Any clients who purchase a site will also be eligible for discounted hosting and email services with a vendor-owned server.

(To view sample websites of various styles, price ranges, and site-management options, and to discuss any questions you may have about the process, please contact us.)