Social Media/Web Marking Setup and Training

Explanation of Process and Pricing

Due to new technologies, authors are in a good place to capitalize on the evolving book market. E-books (and e-readers) now allow authors to keep their book in print forever, which means the pressure of promoting your book for a measly few weeks before the bookstores pull it off the shelves will likely decrease, and the in-store competition will become less of a career-killer. Self-published authors may benefit even more with these new technologies. But to effectively build your sales and generate the buzz for that word-of-mouth tipping point—keeping your book online and in stores—you need to be aware of the arsenal of online marketing and social networking tools you can use to draw in the online (and consequently worldwide) community of readers you seek.

To help authors navigate the enormous social media possibilities and understand their options for powerful but sometimes slightly complicated marketing tools, we have partnered with a talented Web-training group to offer our clients expert assistance in the marketing stage of their books, websites, and promotional materials. Based on a 10% discount exclusively for our authors, we can help with the setup and training that will aid you in tapping into social media sites (facebook pages, twitter accounts, flickr sites) and opensource options for increasing explosure, exploring targeted Web advertising, and making use of affiliate programs and small-business online promotion tools. The end result will drive readers to your site or book and increase your potential audience.

Pricing for such services will depend on how many sites and systems you wish to be set up on, and how much (or how in-depth of) training you’d like, but can start at just under $100. Please contact us for details and to discover your options.