Author Headshots/Bio Photos (or Preexisting Photo Enhancement)

Process and Pricing

Like it or not, these days publishers are concerned with whether authors can promote their own books and themselves. The first step in showing that you understand professionalism and promotion in the book business is to have a professional and attractive-looking headshot. Some publishers require that authors send a headshot with their query letters, some request photos only after they’ve seriously considered the work at hand, but your presentation via photograph is important when trying to meet your publication goals.

Even if you’re self-publishing, how you look in the author photo on your book or promotional materials will affect whether a reader is inclined to take your book seriously. Readers do judge (and buy) a book by its cover—in fact, ensuring that a cover will snag a reader’s interest  (no matter how irrelevant the main cover image is to the book’s content) is big business, with seminars focusing only on spine design holding their own at publisher’s conferences. Presentation matters in every aspect of your book’s marketability.

If you are in the process of finding an agent but do not have an attractive, professional photo of yourself for your book (and for the decision-makers at the publishers), or are about to self-publish your manuscript and launch your promotional plan, you should seriously consider obtaining a photo that will best represent you—especially one that a designer can enhance where needed (softening or removing imperfections caused by the angle of the shot, lighting, clothing choice, etc.).

To help authors in this process, we have partnered with a talented photography and design group to offer our clients expert assistance in obtaining such a photograph. Based on a 10% discount exclusively for our authors, we can offer headshots for approximately $75, including touchups.

We can even provide a makeup and costume artist on site for the shoot if you should want professional assistance or wardrobe feedback (lighting, the angle of the shot, and many other factors can change how your skin, makeup, hair, and clothing represent you).

If you don’t live near our photographers or prefer to work with a photo you already have, we can also enhance most digital photos (including removing other individuals and blurring the background or image details), or refer you to our skilled associate photographers across the country. Just contact us for a quote on addressing the photograph(s) you have in mind. (If you are interested in seeing sample touched-up photos or our photographers’ work in general, please contact us.)