Payments, Discounts, etc.

Payment Options and Process

We accept payment through personal or company checks or Paypal. Credit cards and direct online bank/debit payments are accepted through Paypal only. (For credit cards, simply sign up for the free Paypal account and make sure that your “backup payment option” is a credit card, then simply “change payment option” to your credit card when you pay). Please note there is a 2% processing fee for the Paypal payment option.

Our payment-and-completion process is as follows:

1) For set-rate projects, a deadline and price are discussed and a contract is signed (most projects take about four weeks and the contract is a standard work-for-hire). On projects with variable rates, we determine deadlines after we have reviewed the work and have a firm idea of the number of hours required to edit, ghostwrite, design, etc. If the work is editorial, we usually do a little sample editing for you, assess your project’s needs, then let you know the price range and time frame in which it can be done (full line/content editing and ghostwriting usually take longer than four weeks).

2) A deposit of about 80% of the total cost is sent to us with return of the signed contract.

3) Upon completion of the services (most projects and communication take place electronically/online), an invoice is sent for the remaining payment due, and clients have ten business days to send final payment.

Please note that payments relating to design and most promotion services are paid directly to our partner companies. Just ask for details.

Discounts and Promotions

As a way of saying thanks, we offer discounts for returning clients and those who refer their associates.  Just ask for details when you make a purchase. We have also partnered with some fantastic authors in order to offer free ebooks with any purchase—so if you’re looking for help with grammar (in plain English, please!); wondering how to find, snag, and interact with an agent; or want the skinny on the fastest road to publishing, we have what you’re looking for, and it’s all complimentary.

Starving Artists/Students

For enrolled students at any level (high school, college, graduate), we offer discounted rates on editorial services. And, given that editors are usually helping writers, there may be some non-student starving artists among you, as well. For those on extremely limited budgets, we’re still happy to help you move your career forward. We have options that make editorial help affordable. These include turning the standard two payments into three or four, as well as offering partial reviews and edits that are easier on the budget, but provide the coaching skills you need to best polish the rest of your work. Just ask for details when contacting us.