Escaping or Avoiding the Slush Pile

Eschler Editing provides a variety of services for authors to help them get their manuscript into top shape in order to attract the interest of agents and publishers. These services include:

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Content Evaluations / Editing

Content evaluation and editing involves an in-depth review of a manuscript’s publishability (or in the case of self-publishing, its marketability), including specific ideas for where and how to improve your manuscript in order to generate an agent/publisher’s interest or better appeal to your audience.

Copyediting / Proofing

Copyediting and proofing deal with sentence structure, grammar, spelling, punctuation, hyphenation, typos, proper capitalization, and small inconsistencies (not content issues). Copyediting is normally reserved for after content/line editing and before a product is press ready. (For short business works, copyediting is often all that is needed). Proofing comes after a book has been typeset and is press ready, and deals with last-minute cleanup and formatting problems stemming from preparing the file for publication formats.

Content & Line Editing

Content and line editing offers not only correction of grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc., but also addresses content. In the case of nonfiction that would include style/voice, organization, general rhetorical issues, and marketability. For fiction that would include style/voice, plot, characterization, world-building (scifi/fantasy), dialogue, and marketability, etc.

Ghostwriting or Coaching

Ghostwriting and writing coaching involve extensive editorial production or revision of text for your nonfiction or fiction project. Have ideas for a book but don’t have the time to write it? Ghostwriting helps busy professionals or parents accomplish their goals while focusing on what’s most important to them.

Queries & Proposals

We can assist you in writing or editing a query letter, cover letter, or book proposal that will catch an agent or editor’s attention and generate manuscript requests.

Research & Source Checking

We can help you save time and maintain professionalism by assisting in research or source-checking for your nonfiction project or novel.