Freelancer Contact Page

Dear Potential Applicant,

Eschler Editing hires freelance editors for developmental, substantive, copyediting, and proofreading work (plus ghostwriting for those who qualify); however, we do require extensive experience and testing in order to ensure our clients are getting their money’s worth. 

As many of our clients self-publish, each applicant’s editing experience needs to be more robust than traditional standards for one round of editing. In quality  traditional publishing, you’ll often have four to eight sets of eyes on a manuscript, and where our clients can usually only afford one copyedit/proofread, Eschler Editing’s work needs to be top-notch, and we need to have the utmost confidence in those editing for us. Therefore, please see our requirements below for application. We are not always hiring, but we will keep your résumé on file if your experience matches our needs. 

Please apply only if you

  • are extremely  familiar with The Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam-Webster’s, 
  • have at least five  years of professional experience with the above style guides on nonfiction and fiction books, preferably some of those years under supervision (i.e., internship years or employment with publishers/universities with significant experience editing);
  • are familiar with editing on Adobe Reader, Word, and, preferably, have worked with designers to finalize copy for publication;
  • have a college degree or emphasis in editing (preferred), or have extensive background and/or self-study in contemporary usage  and style issues, along with a solid background in grammar (and story structure and fiction craft or nonfiction structure/rhetoric if shooting for developmental positions)
  •  as a plus, know the difference between heavy line editing, copyediting, and proofreading and understand how to respect the author’s voice over “correctness.”  

 If you are fresh out of university or don’t feel you are quite ready to meet these qualifications, you may want to obtain additional experience before seeking freelance opportunities with Eschler.*

If you feel qualified, please email Desiree at and let her know you’ve read this information and would like to apply for freelance positions. Include your resume and any references. Please indicate in the letter if your specialty is copyediting/proofreading or developmental and whether it applies to fiction or nonfiction books (or both). If we are hiring, we’ll send you the appropriate tests upon review of your resume. If not, we’ll keep your résumé on file. You should receive a response letting you know which we’re doing at the time. If you haven’t heard back in a week, please feel free to email again.  

*We do have internships available (for developmental or copyediting candidates) in which you would have opportunities with fiction and nonfiction books.

While our internships do not offer pay, an intern at Eschler Editing has an amazing opportunity to boost their career through training in the different aspects of editing and acquiring tips on how to run their own freelance editing business. 

Below is a list of some of the editorial tasks, as well as administrative responsibilities, an intern may be involved in: 

  • review helpful resources/get insider tips and resources
  • practice edit on several manuscripts
    • compare your work to a professional editor with decades of experience 
    • get feedback on your editing 
  • do mini evaluations for client sample chapters
  • write a blog article as a guest post
  • attend a writing conference and sit with an editor to observe in-person manuscript-critique sessions
  • research, write, and edit in an administrative capacity

Our internships are mostly self-study and work-from-home/online. In addition to the tasks above, you can ask questions, of course, and you’ll receive guidance all along the way. 

Internships typically last two to five months (the length of time is actually up to you). There are no set expectations of hours per week but rather individual assignments under flexible deadlines. The more you can show that you are reliable, motivated, competent, organized, and can meet reasonable deadlines, the more experience you’ll obtain. Please don’t apply for internships unless your life circumstances allow for such commitment to timely, careful work, and clear and frequent communication.