Help Writing Queries

Read our article on “Writing a Killer Query Letter,” then check out how we can help you write or edit yours.

Get a free copy of Elana Johnson’s book From the Query to the Call when you purchase any query editing service from Eschler Editing. Track your queries and find an agent on the site’s extensive list. Visit the forum to interact with fellow writers about queries, agents, writing, and more. is a free database where writers can search for agents. The forum is an online social network specifically for the publishing industry.

Absolute Write forum is a community for pretty much anything writing related.

Query Shark Literary agent Janet Reid gives free, honest feedback on reader-submitted queries.

Evil Editor is a blog by an editor who doesn’t sugarcoat the facts about materials writers submit to agents and publishers but still keeps you laughing.

The Public Query Slushpile allows writers to submit queries. Once posted, visitors to the site can comment on queries. You never know if a visitor will be an agent or an editor.