What’s Inside?

Get Published: Insider Tips and Steps to Make Sure Your Story Is Heard  covers what you really  need to know about publishing for success:what's inside book

  • The steps and timelines to publishing plus money-saving tips (for both traditional and self-publishing) so you don’t waste your time and budget on things you don’t need
  • The true pros and cons of traditional vs. self-publishing (and how to choose the right path for you)
  • Tips to avoid the costly expense of redoing things because you didn’t know what to do the first time around (Ouch! We hate when we see brilliant authors do this when there was an easier way.)
  • How to write and promote to stand out from the crowd
  • How to woo an agent/publisher or make sure your self-publishing campaign is pro
  • Bonus: The Ultimate Proofreading Checklist!

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Are you self-publishing or trying to find an agent?

paths to choose

Many authors cross their fingers, hoping their book will get found on Amazon or picked up by an agent.

Getting your book into the hands of actual readers (not just sending queries into the world or putting up an Amazon link that gets no traffic) starts with understanding the industry on a deeper level.

But with this guide, learning the keys to successful publishing doesn’t have to be a time-intensive task that takes you away from your love of writing or spreading your message.

If you’re trying to woo an agent, this publishing guide will help you avoid a lot of unnecessary rejection.

If you’re self-publishing, then you can skip the all-too-common experience of releasing your book into the world only to hear crickets.

And if you don’t know which is right for your book, this little guide will give you no-fluff answers to figure out which path makes sense for you and how to navigate it like a pro.  

Yep, we know there’s a ton of publishing advice out there.

We’ve put the most important—and accurate—pieces together for you in one concise guide.


Prose Execution Editing 2Self-doubt is huge to most writers, especially those just starting or returning to the game. We need support and honest market insights. And, frankly, a lot of writing groups and so-called experts provide really poor advice. Serious writers need reliable, current info, and Eschler Editing has it.

Laurie Lewis | laurielclewis.com

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We’re experienced, award-winning editors and publishing professionals who’ve been in publishing since before eBooks even existed. Plus, it’s our job to stay ahead of industry changes that happen daily.

Best of State Self Publishing EditorWe have a unique perspective on the writing, agent-pitching, self-pubbing, and marketing strategies that really stand the test of time.

So after helping hundreds of authors through the process of becoming successfully published (traditional and self-pub), we compiled years’ worth of that insight into a short-and-sweet eBook on the publishing steps that really count.

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