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Becoming a successfully published author takes one major thing—
a powerful story.


Speaker at Business convention and Presentation.

What can you do with yours?

Become that thought leader who’s taken a lifetime of experience, knowledge, and wisdom and turned it into a book others can learn from. That book can be the jumping-off point to build your platform, grow your business, and change the world.

Put Eschler Editing in your Pocket

Having Eschler Editing in your back pocket is an opportunity many successful authors have jumped on, and you have the same opportunity. Grab a no-cost consult right here, and you can also get your hands on our Eschler Editing “Book Report,” included.

The Consult: With the help of a seasoned editor, you’ll learn the basics of what it will take to get your life’s legacy out of draft stage—or out of your brain—and transform it into a life-changing masterpiece. We’ll answer your questions about the process and listen for the intricacies of your message and story to help determine your unique hook, audience, and publishing options.

The Eschler Editing Book Report, yours when you contact us, will outline:

  • The four most important things to know when producing a book
  • Your time commitments when writing a book with us
  • Common fee structures
  • Five ways you can use your book from a think-big perspective
  • The Eschler Editing process

If you’re ready to break the code on the lucrative authorship market—a market you know exists but haven’t had the time to tap or know-how to get started successfully—you’ll want in on this.

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Lift your readers’ hearts and inspire their lives with your book—your legacy. Eschler Editing will help you with all the details of producing your book, a process that typically looks like this:

  • Create a promotional plan and strategy from the beginning
  • Craft your story into a juicy legacy, loaded with golden nuggets for the audience who’s waiting for it
  • Writing and/or editing using a well-seasoned team
  • Designing a reading experience from the inside out—from text to cover
  • Publishing—self-publishing and help prepping for traditional publishing are both options
  • Promoting using publicity and new media tactics

This is a broad overview of what you’ll learn and experience with Eschler Editing’s streamlined process. From start to finish, our program lays out every step you need to succeed as an author—helping you make a positive impact on the world and change lives through your story.

Position your book and your legacy for success and quickly get it into the hands of those who need it most.

 Start your Legacy project today!

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Fred_SeivertHiResAngela Eschler and her firm were strongly recommended to me. … I was determined to produce the best book possible … while maintaining my voice. … The results of their editing far exceeded my expectations and … I have secured my agent and publisher.

My passion and my goal … was … to impact people’s lives. What is most gratifying is that … it is happening through … the media … and numerous presentations that I’ve been invited to make. The structure of the book was designed to encourage reader introspection and reflection … and if you read many of the customer reviews … the majority point to this as the value of the book. Eschler Editing’s editors helped me to draw this out in the reader.”

Fred Sievert | Author, Speaker, Media Guest | GodRevealed.com