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How We Customize

Whether you need a little help or a lot, we can aid in ensuring your incredible life story uplifts and encourages readers as they thoroughly enjoy getting to know you—leaving them hungry for more. With our varying levels of service, you can choose how involved you are in the writing and publishing process and exactly the services you  need. Teaming up with experienced industry professionals will save you time, cash, and frustration and help you avoid unfortunate beginner’s mistakes.

Following are a few options that go into the process of getting your book to the readers who need it; but feel free to contact our team for a more solid idea on how much time, money and effort—based on your  goals—your project might require.

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Writing Coaching

If you feel overwhelmed, don’t know which theme to focus on, or aren’t sure how to tie all the pieces of your book together, coaching is your next step. Let Eschler Editing help you get from where you are now—stuck, partially done, don’t know what’s next—to where you want to be: a published author.

We won’t pretend making it as a writer doesn’t take work or time, but even a little insight into best-seller secrets can literally shave years off your learning and success curve. If you want to write your own book rather than hire a ghostwriter, become a more skilled and professional writer, and learn about the publishing industry, coaching is for you.

With options like one-on-one coaching or  productive, breakthrough writing retreats (including market/industry training with New York Times  best-selling author Bridget Cook-Burch), we’ll help you achieve the writing dreams you’ve hoped for. And when you’re ready to publish, we’ll provide pain-free guidance through the maze of options. Contact us about your goals, unique project, and where you are in the process, and we’ll help you pick the path to success and get you moving forward.


Editing or Ghostwriting

Think you’re about ready for publishing? Congratulations! You are one of the world’s rare souls who have actually put blood, sweat, and tears into putting your story to paper, but you know you’re not there yet. You want to get it published—and professionally. Whether your content is finished or not, now is the time to consider what will make it stand out from the crowd—to appeal to your target audience, attract an agent, or help you build that professional platform.

But you’ve got plenty of competing priorities already. You’re plugging along at your nine to five, running your business, or serving in the community. Children crave your every free moment. Your daily to-do list is completely inflexible. We get it. And we’ve got a production program tailored to your needs. Whether your book needs a lot of work or just a little love, we can get you to your goal of a professional, marketable publication in as few as 3 to 6 months—requiring little of your time.

And while your project’s in process, we can maximize your book’s future impact—helping you execute a solid marketing plan and decide which publishing strategy best suites your goals: getting your book in the hands of agents and traditional publishers or self-publishing like a pro.


Design, Produce,Publish and Promote

From the first glace at your cover to the last powerful word of your manuscript, the readers consuming your work want to be intrigued, engaged, and inspired.

We can help ensure that happens with full-service publishing: from cover to book design, ebook to print book, and marketing copy to distribution, we can provide lightning-fast, no-hassle publication to get your book in the hands that need it. And we’ve partnered with book promotion pros to make sure your message achieves maximum impact. Just ask for details when you contact us.


$$ Fee Structure

To see our average pricing range for each major service, go here.

To get your free consult and a bid specific to your project, click here.


The Eschler Editing Book Report

To help you explore the book-production process, we’ve compiled a complimentary report—yours when you contact us for a free consult. The report outlines:

  1. The four most important things to know when producing a book
  2. Your time commitments when writing a book with us
  3. Details on our packages and pricing
  4. Five ways you can use your book from a think-big perspective
  5. The Eschler Editing process

Begin making real progress with a no-cost consult.

Discuss your unique project and best publishing options with an editor and receive sample editing with your consult.

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Leta Greene (2048px)I’m finally sharing my message and story with all the women who need it. The Eschler Editing team brought the expertise to put my story in a professional package, and that has opened the door to success. Book coach, editor, and beyond, Angela will provide you with a rock-star team of experts—and true friends. Oh, yeah—and the therapy is complementary! If you want to get your book done, you better ask Eschler Editing to stalk you!”

Leta Greene | Author, Speaker, Media Guest | letagreene.com