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If you’re ready to uplevel your message and platform, a book is that next step in sharing your life’s legacy.

If you’re helping transform the world, you’re likely planning to do some of the following:

  • Do more public speaking to tell your stories
  • Inspire your readers and become a catalyst for their personal transformation
  • Rapidly build your one-of-a-kind brand and platform
  • Expand your reputation in your community and around the world
  • Become widely and seriously known as an expert in your field

You really want to help the many individuals going through what you’ve already experienced; you’ve learned what can help them get where they need to be—faster and with fewer bumps along the way. You know you can change the world through your stories.

But if you’re like many of the clients we’ve served through our professional writing/editing services, that message is close to your heart, and finding the right person to help develop or fine-tune your content can be challenging—your schedule is hectic enough as it is.

If you have a draft of your book ready, you need to fast-track it to publication, not spend weeks trying to dig up experts for each tiny step. And if your content is still in your head, creating a book sounds like an important strategic step, but also like a daunting, time-sucking process.

We get it, and we have a program tailored to your needs (including matching you to the perfect editor for your unique project). With our time-efficient process for producing your book, we can help you get it out the door in as little as 3 to 6 months—taking up little of your time and putting your mind at ease.

We want to help you create an extraordinary masterpiece to share with everyone you encounter. One that’s not exhausting or stressful to produce. You’ve got other priorities after all: family, business, speaking, inspiring, and helping others—in short, doing what you do best.

That  is your life’s mission. And we can make it easier. Let us help you help others by bringing your  legacy to life.


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