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Self-publishing is a good fit for your project if:

  • You want to kickstart your writing career, are willing to put the time and effort into creating quality books, but aren’t willing to wait for a “gatekeeper” to open the publishing door.
  • You want to get a lot of books out quickly or write in multiple genres (and/or plan to use several pen names).
  • You want flexibility in your writing career and/or to maintain control over all your content, branding, pricing, and promotion and are ready to take on the learning curve (or invest in professional marketing) to get it right.
  • You’d like to supplement your traditional publishing schedule and royalties through frequently released short stories, novellas, and one-offs.
  • Your topic/genre is too niche, currently oversaturated, or not trending in the traditional market.
  • You’ve invested years in a particular story series or fantasy world and—though you want it to be good—you don’t want to be forced to make changes in order to see it out there.

Following are the basic services (and average costs)  that can get your book to readers. Contact our team to discuss a customized bid based on your goals and needs. And don’t miss our free Fiction Book Report (linked below) with in-depth answers to the most common author FAQs.


Writing Coaching

If you’re new to fiction, feel overwhelmed, or aren’t sure how to tie all the pieces of your book together, big-picture content feedback and/or writing coaching are your next steps. We offer this through two routes:

  • A manuscript evaluation, with the option of back-and-forth coaching from your editor
  • A phenomenal writing retreat (including market/industry  training) or personalized coaching program through our partner, and New York Times bestselling author, Bridget Cook-Burch

Let’s get you from where you are now—stuck, partially done, not sure what’s next—to where you want to be: a published author.


Content and Prose Editing

If you’re a little further along on your writing path—whether your draft is finished or not—now is the time to consider what will make it as compelling as possible, stand out from the crowd, and appeal to your target audience. Editorial feedback can give you the insight and edge you need. Our most utilized author services are:

  • Content editing
  • Prose execution (or close line) editing

(To get more details on all of our editorial/coaching services, go here. To get started with a free consult, contact us today!)


Production & Publishing

Readers will judge a book by its cover. You want to ensure all your hard work writing the book isn’t for naught. We can help ensure your book is a marketable product from the inside out. Our full-service publishing includes ISBN, cover design, eBook and/or paperback, marketing copy for your back cover blurb or online book description, and distribution with Amazon, Kindle, Nook, iBook, and Google Play. In short, we can provide lightning-fast, no-hassle publication done right. Contact us to get details on these and additional publishing services (audiobooks, hardcover editions, other distribution options, etc.)


Professional Book Promotion

Once you’ve nailed a great book and cover, there’s nothing more important to building a writing career than utilizing up-to-date online marketing tactics. (You’ll definitely want to consider metadata optimization, Kindle promotion options, social media, major book-promotion sites, and promotion tools for other online platforms.) Effective promotion campaigns are customized to each author, angle, and genre in order to maximize exposure to the right audience. To ensure you get the best help available, we’ve partnered with the pros and have options ranging from DIY author-marketing training to done-for-you, results-oriented campaigns. Simply contact us today to get answers to your specific questions and access to our partner’s discounts.


$$ Fee Structure

To see our average pricing range for each major service, go here.

To get your free consult and a bid specific to your project, click here.


Derrick William DaltonWhen I first started looking for editing, I was held up by the cost. Because how many just-starting writers have that kind of money on hand? But it’s an investment that has to be made if you’re serious about a writing career. Then Eschler Editing was recommended to me by a friend and fellow author. She gushed about Angela’s team. They worked out a solution my friend could afford and understood her priorities for her book and her life. I had a similar experience. Angela found an artist who made an even better cover than I’d hoped. My editor was a perfect fit, and editing options were tailored to what I could pay. Even when I had some concerns they were resolved easily and quickly. So I second my friend’s gushy review of Angela and company. They’ll be getting my next manuscript, too.”

Derrick Dalton Williams  | shellytheboxturtle.blogspot.com

Bonus gift!

The Eschler Editing Book Report

To help you further explore the book-publishing process and get some FAQs answered quickly, we’ve compiled a complimentary report—yours while waiting for your free consult. Simply contact us below and you’ll instantly get information on:

  1. How to know if your book is ready for publication and what level/kind of editing you most likely need.
  2. The difference between traditional and self-publishing (key pros and cons of each) and tips for deciding which is right for you.
  3. The basics on how to find an agent and what agents (and traditional publishers) are looking for.
  4. The steps and timelines for publishing (traditional and self-pub)
  5. The Eschler Editing process—how we work with you (and additional info on our package pricing)

Begin making real progress with a no-cost consult.

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