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We all know writing can be therapeutic and deeply satisfying on its own, but you haven’t spent months—or even years—pouring your heart and soul onto your hard drive just to leave it there ad infinitum. It’s time to share the stories in your head, to find a home for them. Whether you hope to land a contract with one of the Big Four or just know that self-publishing is right for you, you’re ready for the next step.

So What Is That Next Step?

Depending on your specific goals, your next step may be to:

  • Get that fresh set of eyes—industry insight from professional feedback
  • Find the right long-term publishing and/or promotion team that’s enthusiastic about your work and invested in your success
  • Get help obtaining an agent or prepping your manuscript for submission to a publisher
  • Simply explore and expand your talents in a respectful environment

If you’re like many of the authors we’ve served, your stories are close to your heart, and finding someone to trust with your work can be daunting. You’re picky for good reason: you need someone who’s considerate while candid, who’s qualified to give you real insights about your book’s strengths and weaknesses, and who pushes you but preserves your  voice and story—in short, someone who understands your baby is also a product, so they’ll keep your market success in sight.

Getting an editor you work well with is just the start. There are plenty of next steps to track down. But figuring all that out takes time. You barely have enough of that to write—never mind mastering the ins and outs of publishing, agent-wooing, or promotion!

Take a deep breath, because we have solutions tailored to your needs. We’ve got a team of vetted, industry-trained professionals—genre experts with years of experience working for publishers and publishing pros. With your unique goals and budget firmly in mind, we’ve got the personal touch you’ve been looking for and will match you to that just-right someone for your  project (including sample editing and phone time to ensure it’s a fit).

Storytelling is your life’s passion, so whether your book needs a little labor or a lot of love, we can smooth the path to publishing so you can make your impact. After all, you just want to write!

 Take your next step today.

 With several customizable editing and publishing options, what would suit your needs best?

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Editorial & Self-Publishing

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Dan Wells Author Photos smallerEschler Editing gave me some of the best feedback I’ve ever gotten on a manuscript, helping me turn a good book into a great one. … I look forward to working with them again.”

Dan Wells | New York Times Bestselling Author