Book Promotion


Last you checked, you wanted to be a writer, not a professional self-promoter. But that’s the name of the writing game these days.

Luckily, you don’t have to surrender your precious time to something you don’t love or flounder about overwhelmed. With our help you can skip the hassle and lost time and jump right to what really works—get a how-to coaching session, hire our marketing strategist to help you plan (and implement the leg work!), or simply grab a done-for-you campaign option below!

Our book promotion services can include any of the options below to suit every author and budget. We do suggest a strategy consultation so you can most wisely use your funds and best integrate various strategies for maximum impact. 


Marketing Strategy Consultation

Let’s save you money and time and lay out a plan for your book’s success! You need to know your audience, how to reach them, which strategies will help (or hinder) that effort, and where to wisely spend your funds for maximum impact based on your unique goals. Enter our marketing strategist!

Melissa Dalton has been working in marketing and public relations since 2000 when she helped successfully launch the independent niche film God’s Army, profitably establishing it in major theaters and chains nationwide. Since that time she has worked with multiple authors, musicians, and movie producers to make their products successful in an ever-changing market place. Melissa has a degree in business and communications, MBA and additional training in business coaching, and has successfully owned and operated multiple businesses herself. She’s also headed the promotion and PR departments of a traditional book publisher.

She can help you market your product into a cash cow as well as help you build a successful platform and business around doing what you love. With hundreds of places and opportunities to market, Melissa can guide you to reaching your goals by utilizing the promotion that fits you best; whether that be a robust school tour, getting you on TV and radio shows, increasing your distribution, helping you book speaking events or book signings, doing market research to ensure your book can be profitable, or helping you with a sales funnel so your promotion is as effective as possible.

She can assist with and advise you on any of the options below and coordinate and manage many vendors and strategies to build you a powerful campaign. Book your strategy consultation today and get moving toward success!


Done-for-You Packages or Á la Carte Promotion

  • A best-seller marketing campaign with targeted strategies for your unique work and audience, including traditional book launch strategies, online book launch parties, reviews, book promotion sites, Amazon and other online optimization (keywords and SEO), contests/drawings, interviews, and social media audience-building where you’ll be provided with resources to use and a professional will do the work to actually grow your social media fans, plus managing your promotion resources, fans/”street teams,” and more; our experts have helped New York Times authors and celebrities and run the PR branches for traditional publishers—they can help you today
  • Help expanding your distribution, sales, and speaking opportunities (including school tours)
  • Sales-funnel setup, sales tracking, and ad management with ROI focus
  • Management of your blog tours, cover reveals, or book blitzes
  • Newsletter setups so you can build and stay connected with a community of fans
  • Enhanced and more effective author pages on social media sites (Facebook, Pinterest, Amazon, Goodreads, Google, Twitter, etc.)
  • Syncing social media sites across all platforms to save you time and setting up Google Alerts so you can track who’s interested in your book
  • Electronic postcards to announce your book launch and events
  • Additional giveaways or ads on social media
  • Flyers, posters, and swag for your promotional events
  • Sending out press releases and book copies for reviewers
  • Author-bio photo (our photography/design partners can digitally enhance a photo you have or, if you’re local, do a photo shoot to ensure you get a flattering and professional picture)

There are many strategies (conventional/offline and online) we can help you plan, understand, and implement. Contact us today to discuss your unique marketing  opportunities.