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Eschler Editing Book Design and Book Covers

Interior Book Design

The inside of your book isn’t just about the words—it’s about the layout too.

Remember the last time you read a book with type just a little too small? Or illustrations you didn’t quite understand?

It made reading hard, and the last thing you want is to create an obstacle for your readers.

You want your book’s interior to be the backdrop for—not overwhelm—your winning prose.  You want it to be easy to read and follow, and professionally attractive.

Whether you need simple chapter heads and the perfect font type and size, or something more complex like graphs, illustrations, or charts, we have a design team ready to give you the aesthetic layout your manuscript requires. Learn more.


71rfngxyhqL._SL1349_Cover Design

Your book cover is your calling card, your “walk this way,” an invitation to crack your book open and read it.  The cover can set the tone for your book.  It can lure people into your words or send them over to more appealing offerings.

We can create a production-ready complementary cover design that reflects your expertise and target market. Here’s how.