The Story Check


If you’re serious about a writing career, you want to make sure your book is ready for the world.

Perhaps you’ve been around this block before and you’d like a second opinion—after all, you’d rather hurt a little now (ah, revision!) than crash and burn in the marketplace.

Or, if you’re paralyzed after a first draft (no, don’t throw it all in the trash!), you need insight into where to put your focus—something to galvanize you into moving forward with renewed excitement and purpose (and save you a few rounds of revision).

The first pages reveal a lot about where a story is going and whether it will draw in the audience you’re wooing. And much of the time, it’s that first chunk that needs a tweak even if the rest of the story flows.

Whether it’s your first book or your tenth, this quick story check will help you get things on the right track and, when the time comes, enter the marketplace with confidence.

You provide a summary, the first 100 pages, and a short list of authors/titles to which you’d compare your book (if available), and we’ll address:

  • Where you fit with your comparables (or suggest others)
  • The marketability of your current draft
  • Hook and concept
  • Impact of your structure, pacing, and characterization
  • The current literary quality of the book
  • The work required to successfully get this book to market

 Self-doubt is huge to most writers, especially those just starting or returning to the game. We need support and honest market insights. And, frankly, a lot of writing groups and so-called experts provide really poor advice. Eschler Editing helped me shape a very personal story into something that could resonate with a much wider audience. Serious writers need reliable, current info, and Eschler Editing has it.

Laurie Lewis |

Your investment:

All manuscript lengths – $275*

*(If your work is under 20,000 words, we suggest a full-length evaluation instead.)

Contact us today. Move forward with confidence.