Plot Consultations


Without a clear plot structure, there’s really no story. It’s a common problem. Many novelists accidentally write themselves into a corner and then create plot-hole-plugging fiascos—in the neighborhood of 25,000 extra words—trying to correct those problems.

The solution is simple and time-saving.

With our plot consultation, you’ll learn to use effective plotting methods—even whilst your writing process is still in full creative-discovery mode. This service will help you develop vital key plot points as well as transition from one point to the next. No saggy middles or wandering heroines! And this exclusive training is tailored to your story, with worksheets, tips, and training.

Who’s this service ideal for? Every writer at every stage—from those who have finished their novel and need help with revising to those just starting, halfway through, or brandishing nothing but brainstormed outlines. When the path is clear, you’re much more likely to stay on it and finish that book—and if it’s finished, it’s much more likely to make a sale!

We’ll show you how to take control of your story and write an engaging plotline quickly and confidently. Here’s what our plot consultation includes:

  • An initial email consult to customize the consultation to your book (or book idea)
  • Training utilizing the “12 Steps to Writing Best-Selling Novels” worksheet
  • A sixty-minute plot consultation/mentoring session and training to create a solid plot readers can’t resist (via one hour call or Skype)
  • A follow-up consult via email

What we need from you:

  • A concept paragraph for your book, or
  • A one-page summary, or
  • Your outline (no more than 3 pages)

If you’re not that far yet, don’t stress. We just need your idea or concept so we can help you develop it!

 Self-doubt is huge to most writers, especially those just starting or returning to the game. We need support and honest market insights. And, frankly, a lot of writing groups and so-called experts provide really poor advice. Eschler Editing helped me shape a very personal story into something that could resonate with a much wider audience. Serious writers need reliable, current info, and Eschler Editing has it.

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Your investment:

All manuscript lengths – $329

Contact us today. Move forward with confidence.