Full-Length Developmental Evaluation

This level of feedback is ideal for finished fiction or nonfiction drafts, can help sort out or replace conflicting or less-than-stellar feedback from early readers, and will provide solutions for many common writing conundrums—those saggy middles, lackluster hooks, or not-yet-perfect endings. (We also recommend it as a budget-friendly choice for first-time authors.)

Here’s what a full-length developmental evaluation covers:



    • “high concept” level (originality/appeal to the audience)
    • plot structure
    • pacing
    • world-creation (sci-fi/fantasy)
    • characterization
    • suspense/tension
    • audience and genre awareness
    • increasing marketability
    • effectiveness of your ending
    • (don’t forget the teen reviewers so you can beta test your kidlit as an extra measure)


Content evaluations include suggestions and observations regarding:

      • readability
      • cohesiveness of ideas
      • organization
      • general rhetorical issues and your angle
      • suggestions on increasing marketability or better meeting the needs of your target audience (making it more compelling)


Darryl Harris

If you want to be published … my advice … is to get Angela Eschler and her talented team on your side. They’ll teach you the magical story strategies you may not know; or if you do, teach you how to actually apply them! I was accepted by my publisher of choice within one year of working with Angela’s team. Many thanks!”

Darryl Harris | harrispublishing.com

Your investment:

Under 10,000 words – $195 to $249 (short stories, pamphlets, children’s books, partial manuscripts, etc.—editing price depends on the breadth/depth of the editorial notes; collections of stories are priced per piece, not according to a collective word count)

10,000 to 19,000 words – $249

20,000 to 44,000 words – $359

45,000 to 69,000 words – $495

70,000 to 100,000 – $595

100,000 words + contact us for bid

Kidlit youth reviews – $149 each (or $85 each with any other editorial service)


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