Content Editing

Eschler Editing Content Evaluation Revision Direction

Giving agents and audiences what they really want.

Feedback … writing rules… 

Either your beta readers aren’t specific enough, or advice is coming from every direction and you need to know what really matters.

Is your book ready for the market or not?

Clear up the confusion with a professional critique geared toward exactly what you need. This is the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.

Our content editing offers an in-depth review of your manuscript’s strengths, weaknesses, and current marketability—an insight intensive on what you can do to help your book stand out.

We have three options to fit your needs:

Plot Consultations – $329

Learn how to build a story arc that keeps readers turning pages (or fix one that’s not working)! Includes mentoring sessions tailored to your unique story. Time to whip your novel into shape and nail down a marketable plot.

Developmental/Full-Length Evaluation – $150 to 595 (based on word count)

From your hook to your ending, get the feedback (via a written report) that will help ensure your work grabs readers, keeps their interest throughout, and nails it with a satisfying wrap-up. (Plus an option for market testing for your kidlit with our savvy youth readers!)

Substantive/Comprehensive Editing – $300 to 2,000+ (see page details)

Page-by-page feedback (track changes comments right on the page), suggestions, and edits for solving your story problems, cutting your word count (where needed), and taking your book from good to great!  Best for previously revised drafts that are nearly ready for publication or agent submission. Prose refinement (for well-executed ideas and narrative pacing) is often part of this editing stage. This service also includes phone time with your editor to brainstorm story solutions and marketing angles.