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Eschler Editing Queries and Proposals

Knee-deep in query drafts?

Pitch session coming up? 

Need to find an agent?

You need a Query Ninja!


Let’s help you find your agent and write a query letter, pitch, synopsis, or book proposal that will catch that agent’s attention, make you look professional, and correctly position your book in the market.

We can help your gems shine and save you paper—not to mention your sanity.

Tiff Clarke HarrisonAngela’s team … coached me on how to craft my story in the way that agents are looking for. I also used Eschler Editing to write my query letter—within 24 hours of sending it, a much sought-after agent requested my manuscript exclusively. Thank you for everything!”
Tiffany Clark Harrison | tiffanyclarkeharrison.com

“She’s not called the Query Ninja for nothing!” Our editors will knock your socks off. Choose from your options below:

Help Finding Your Agent

Our editors will use their industry savvy to help you properly position your book in the market, find agents that fit your genre and goals, and do the legwork of obtaining all the information you need on what, when, and how to submit to each—all delivered in a done-for-you chart that will also help you track your submission process.

  • Find your top 20 agents: Includes a review of your manuscript/summary and comparable titles, genre-positioning research, a list of which safety-approved agents to focus on first, and coaching on the best strategy for getting your top picks  (plus each agent’s contact info, submission requirements, and similar titles they’ve recently sold)  – $275

Combine your search with a winning query to increase your likelihood of manuscript requests.


  • Write my letter for me: A request-generating query as well as guinea-pig testing on at least two additional editors: the editor who worked on your manuscript,  to ensure we’ve included the biggest draws of your story, and an even-more-objective set of eyes to see how it affects an “outsider” with no familiarity with your story; we’ll make sure your query is stellar from any perspective – $189
  • You penned it? An editor will review your current query and, should it only require a little feedback and proofreading, a discount would apply. Your editor will discuss this with you upon review of the letter.

 Pitches, Synopses, Proposals

  • Edit my pitch: Help crafting or editing your full-length, elevator, or twitter pitch for pitch-perfect results – $189 full length (+ $15 each mini)
  • Edit my synopsis: Help crafting / editing that synopsis so you include only what agents want – $239 (trim to under 4 pages and we’ll take it the rest of the way)
  • Edit/write my proposal: For revising/writing full book proposals (more lengthy/involved than simple query letters) – $35 to $45 per hour
  • Copyedit my proposal: (Does not include revising content) – $27 to $35 per hour

Contact us now for a bid based on your project details.

Get a free ecopy of From the Query to the Call, by Elana Johnson, with any query, proposal, or pitch editing service.

I had a very positive experience with my query. … Everything was professionally done and to my satisfaction. Shortly after sending the query out, I had several manuscript requests. Many thanks to Eschler Editing for their excellent work!”
Roxy Haynie | roxyhaynie.blogspot.com