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Feel like the steps ahead are a bit much to scale alone? Not sure you have that much time or energy? We can help you get there faster.




Ghostwriting  involves extensive editorial production or revision of text for your nonfiction or fiction project. The differing levels of ghostwriting (and accompanying fees) are listed below.


Pricing for Ghostwriting

Straight ghostwriting can run anywhere from $50 an hour to $155 an hour depending on the amount of work required. Generally speaking, the rates are as follows:

  • For ghostwriting wherein the text needs major revision and organization, including a few hours of research, but the text/content is already provided, as well as clear instructions on organizational goals and voice, the minimum fee is $50 an hour.
  • For ghostwriting with no original, substantive text, where more than a few hours of research are required, but the author can provide sufficient direction in terms of organizational guidelines, sample books for voice or style goals, and a handful of pages of rough/suggested content to serve as a diving-off point, the fee starts at $65 an hour.
  • For ghostwriting that consists merely of an idea and a few notes, the fee starts at $85 an hour.
  • For grant-writing or other non-book projects, please contact us to discuss the specifics. 

Special note: If you’re writing a story of personal transformation and know you need this level of help, but the costs seem prohibitive, contact us today about options that  might be right for you.

Contact us now for a bid based on your project details.

(Please know that less-than-reasonable deadlines for projects of this magnitude will increase the per-hour costs. Be aware that once a contract has been signed, billable hours include writing and research time, required travel time, and time spent for phone or email interactions required to complete the project.)

Ed PinegarI have been so pleased with the help of Eschler Editing. They have been very helpful in the editing process. They are kind yet forthright in their expert assistance. Four of my books they’ve worked on have been accepted for publication and the publisher is reviewing several more. Thank you, Eschler Editing!”

Ed Pinegar | Author, Speaker