Tween/Teen Evaluations

Teen Evaluations Available for YA and Middle Grade Authors: Teen readers talk…about your manuscript

For authors of middle grade (defined loosely as elementary school readers) and young adult books (junior high through high school), we offer an exciting (and discounted) additional manuscript review opportunity—actual teen readers.

A professional editor’s insight is going to be the most helpful for making revisions and winning over an agent, but teen evaluations are extremely valuable:

  1. Teen reviews give you an idea of whether your story or characters will actually appeal to your target market.
  2. Teen responses help you understand whether the narrative voice guiding the novel (as well as dialogue, etc.) is accurate and liked by the intended audience.
  3. This sneak peek into your potential readers’ minds helps authors determine whether teens are likely to provide word-of-mouth marketing for them after publication (the most critical kind for this genre) based on the excitement level expressed by the readers.
  4. Knowing beforehand what resonates with the target market gives authors the opportunity to play up those elements that seem to have hit a cord, increasing the chances of post-publication success later.
  5. Teen reviews might also offer insight into what you could tap into later in promotional efforts, based on what you learned while inside the mind of your target readers.

Our teen readers are both male and female, and range in age from 10 to 17.

They are chosen based on their suitability to serve as test-market subjects:

  • they are all avid readers
  •  tend to give insightful comments compared to many of their peers
  •  read and enjoy most of the books currently popular with their peers

Simply pick the gender and age and decide how many evaluations you would like. And to make that decision less difficult, we’re offering discounted rates for multiple purchases.

Teen Evaluation Pricing–Buy One, Get One Free*

1st teen evaluation for manuscripts under 130,000 words – $129

2nd teen evaluation–FREE

Bonus: If you purchase an editorial evaluation in addition to a teen evaluation, take an additional 10% off the price of each teen evaluation you purchase.

Should you purchase only one evaluation initially (of any kind), we are happy to offer the discounted rates for additional teen evaluations at any point after your initial review.  So feel free to take a while revising and then come back to see how your readers feel about the improvements.

After project completion, follow-up author questions are considered part of the evaluation and will be answered for free.

*If the word count exceeds 130,000 you are highly unlikely to be able to sell your manuscript as a middle grade or young adult novel, but if you would like a review beyond the first 130,000 words, the fee will be negotiated at purchase.  Rush jobs will increase your investment for any evaluations.

(Free sample line editing is available upon request.)

Contact us now for a bid based on your project details.

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