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You’re ready to get your manuscript out there. So you need an in-depth look at your prose to help get you past the publishing gatekeepers or set you apart as a professional in self-publishing. Let’s ensure that what you’ve spent months (or even years) crafting will hook your target audience from word one.

This level edit will help you hook a reader in the first paragraph, help trim word count where needed, and ensure your work shines.

In-depth line editing (focused on prose execution) is generally part of developmental or comprehensive editing; it offers correction and smoothing of:

  • word economy
  • style/voice
  • point-of-view clarity
  • sentence structure
  • rhetorical issues (ethos, logos, pathos)
  • dialogue
  • your nonfiction angle
  • the logic and power of an argument
  • cohesiveness of ideas
  • organization
  • marketability stumbling blocks
  • small inconsistencies (such as an eye-color change in a fictional character or inconsistency in source citations)
  • including adherence to style guides and academic formats, where needed

Please note that the primary goal of a prose execution/deep line edit is to address the artistry and emotional impact of the prose. As such, deep line editing results in many changes to the text, including changes the author may want to expand on from a creative standpoint; as a result, typos or other aberrations in the text may remain when this level of editing is complete. Therefore, a deep line edit is not a quality-control “final eyes” copyedit/proofread and should not be the final edit before self-publishing (if utmost professionalism is your goal).

We strongly recommend that after this editing phase you invest in a professional copyedit of at least the first 30 pages if you intend to submit to an agent or traditional publisher or a full-manuscript copyedit (or at least a proofread) before self-publishing. While an editor may catch a few issues of mechanics, spelling, grammar, etc., in this edit, the editor will not be focusing his/her attention there.

L. C. LewisI count having worked with Angela Eschler as both a great professional opportunity and a personal pleasure. We have worked together on three books now, two of which have been finalists in national competitions. I attribute the quality of these novels in great part to Angela’s top-caliber editing and to her wise literary guidance and knowledge of the market. I would highly recommend her team to any author regardless of genre or level of experience.”
L.C. Lewis |

Your Investment*

  • Fiction or nonfiction: Generally anywhere from $300 to 2,000+ depending on unique manuscript needs (length, genre, editorial work involved; footnotes, graphics, unique style guide requirements, etc., may require additional charges)
  •  This type of work is bid per project and requires the editor to review the entire work since editing needs can range from lighter to  requiring substantial reorganization, some ghosting, coaching, etc.

(Free sample pages of combined content & prose editing are offered upon request.)

*Rush jobs will increase your investment.

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