Editorial Services



Congratulations! You are one of the world’s rare souls who actually puts the blood, sweat, and tears into pursuing a dream.

Now’s the time to consider what will make your book successful in the marketplace—getting it into the hands of agents and publishers or self-publishing like a pro.

We won’t pretend making it as a writer doesn’t take work or time, but even a little insight into best-seller secrets can literally shave years  off your learning curve. That’s a lot of lost time and wheel spinning you can avoid.

You’ve made it this far—let’s take you the rest of the way.

Developmental and Substantive Editing

You know you need reader-grabbing content to stand out in today’s market. Content editing can help you determine how close you are and how to close the gap. With options for partial manuscripts and early drafts (make sure you’re heading in the right direction!) to publication-ready material, if you’ve only got the budget for one editorial service, this one counts most!


You have two things working against each other: ideas for a book, and no time to write said book. We understand. You’re plugging along at your 9-5. Your children crave your every free moment. Your daily to-do list is completely inflexible. But there’s a book inside you begging to get out. Check out this service to see if it’s right for you.

Copyediting and Proofreading

These steps come after  fine-tuning the content and  prose in a manuscript. They’re for quality control. Your content and prose execution have been squared away, but your grammar, spelling, punctuation, and consistency issues need one last stage of checking and polishing—the final steps on the trek to finishing your book or project.

Queries, Synopses, Pitches & Proposals

Your query letter and proposal are often the first impression of your writing. They can hook a publisher or an agent and make them believe in your writing, your story, and you. Grab the attention of busy agents or publishers the first time around (and avoid the infamous “thanks, but no thanks automated response) with the query letter or proposal that publishing professionals are looking for. See how we can help.

Foreign Language Translation

We have expert translators on the team; and for less common languages, we have professional translation associates. Just contact us to discuss your needs and if we can help.

Next Steps or Full Self-Publishing Services 

Cover design, book production (POD and other options), ebooks, self-publishing setup/management, Amazon and online optimization, audiobooks, and promotion help. It’s all here. You’re safe in the hands of our experienced, professional team. Explore your options or contact us to discuss your publishing needs.