Book Promotion


Last you checked, you wanted to be a writer, not a professional self-promoter. But that’s the name of the writing game these days.

Luckily, you don’t have to surrender your precious time to something you don’t love or flounder about overwhelmed. With our help you can skip the hassle and lost time and jump right to what really works—or simply grab a done-for-you option below!

Our book promotion services include á la carte options or packages to suit every author and budget:


  • An all-in-one DIY training and support course—perfect for beginners and limited budgets (this course can also be paired with some basic giveaway/exposure launch services to help you kick-start things while you learn the ropes)

Done-for-You Packages

  • A marketing campaign with targeted strategies for your unique work and audience, including book launch strategies, reviews, online optimization, and ongoing promotion; our experts have helped New York Times authors and celebrities and run the PR branches for traditional publishers—they can help you today (free consults are available)
  • Additional book marketing, foreign-language translation, and PR partner groups who can help you launch the book and your website effectively, maximize your social media, and expand your distribution, sales, and speaking opportunities—contact us today to make the right connections

Done-for-You Á la Carte

  • A campaign geared toward getting you reviews and buzz by utilizing online book promotion sites/subscriber lists
  • For books sold on Amazon: Amazon category / key phrase optimization;  book description optimization; and review of your author central page to make recommendations for optimization (keyword optimization on Amazon is crucial in ensuring your book is actually found by your ideal reader and that your book appears with similar, popular titles)
  • An online marketing plan which includes resources and strategies for your initial launch (getting reviews and preparing for bigger promotions) and ongoing promotion, plus a Facebook audience-builder where you’ll be provided with resources to use on your own Facebook fan page; in addition, a professional will do the work to actually grow your Facebook author page, pulling in legitimate fans—readers who are truly interested in your work and posts
  • Management of your blog tours or book blitzes, including blogger book reviews, book excerpts, top-ten and play lists, guest posts by the author, and interviews to get your name (and your book) out there
  • Newsletter setups so you can build and stay connected with a community of fans
  • Cover reveals
  • Enhanced and more effective author pages on social media sites (Facebook, Pinterest, Amazon, Goodreads, Google, Twitter, etc.)
  • Syncing social media sites across all platforms to save you time and setting up Google Alerts so you can track who’s interested in your book
  • Electronic postcards to announce your book launch and events
  • Additional giveaways or ads on social media
  • Flyers and posters for your promotional events
  • Contacting social-media outlets that might be willing to review your book
  • Sending out press releases and review copies, or doing additional author interviews or additional contests with your book as a prize, etc.
  • Author-bio photo (our photography/design partners can digitally enhance a photo you have or, if you’re local, do a photo shoot to ensure you get a flattering and professional picture)

There are many strategies (conventional/offline and online) we can help you plan, understand, and implement. Contact us today to discuss your unique package.