Developmental Editing

In addition to helping you resolve that saggy middle or upgrading your hook, developmental editing goes a few steps beyond the full-length evaluation, including invaluable page-by-page feedback and suggestions, plus phone time with your editor to brainstorm solutions and new angles.

A developmental edit includes in-depth examination of:


  • cutting your word count, where needed
  • style/voice
  • point-of-view
  • dialogue
  • setting
  • “high concept” level (originality/appeal to the audience)
  • plot structure
  • pacing
  • world-creation (sci-fi/fantasy)
  • characterization
  • suspense/tension
  • audience and genre awareness
  • increasing marketability
  • effectiveness of your ending
  • (plus your editor will brainstorm solutions with you via the phone)


  • style/voice
  • logic and power of an argument
  • cohesiveness of ideas
  • organization
  • general rhetorical issues and your angle
  • suggestions on increasing marketability or better meeting the needs of your target audience (making it more compelling)
  • cutting your word count, where needed
  • plus includes phone-based brainstorming with your editor on revision ideas and marketability solutions)

IRebecca Rhode asked Eschler Editing for help with plot and structure on my novel Numbers Game—and also issued a challenge: I needed 20K words cut from my manuscript. Their feedback resulted in a much tighter plot.

Numbers Game soared on Amazon—hitting #1 in two categories (passing up Divergent and Hunger Games a couple times) and is now an international bestseller; so I’m pretty happy!

Just for comparison, I later tried another content editor and the service was far inferior. Plus, if you’re looking for next steps after content feedback, I can honestly say that Eschler Editing has the best copy editors I’ve found.  In short, I definitely recommend them!

Rebecca Rode |

Your investment:

Fiction: $0.006  to .014 per word (with a $195 minimum price for works over 10,000 words and a $129 minimum for works under 10,000 words)

Nonfiction: generally ranges from $.0099 to .017 per word (some works may fall outside this range if light ghosting is required; there is a $195 minimum price for works over 10,000 words and a $129 minimum for works under 10,000 words)

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