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Welcome, Intrepid Writer!

We’re creating a focus group for a new writing community—one geared toward upgrading the education and critique experience for authors. Sometimes authors spin their wheels learning the elements of craft out of order and out of context. You can shave years off that learning curve (plus get published much faster) by mastering the most critical craft elements first—and learning how to build on them so readers are spellbound.

A good writing group can help with that process, but can also often add to the problem. Sometimes it’s hard to find a group that fits your needs, or you just aren’t sure if you’re getting the right advice.

12233120-copySince writing groups can be one of the most powerful ways to rapidly advance your career, we’re working on a solution to ensure you find a stellar group (or your current group gets a chance to uplevel)—and that everyone in the group has had professional training.

With that goal in mind, editors and best-selling authors are coming together to share their most important success secrets, which will be available through online videos and via live critique of your  work.

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