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You’re ready to get your manuscript out there. So you need an in-depth look at your prose to help get you past the publishing gatekeepers or set you apart as a professional in self-publishing. Let’s ensure that what you’ve spent months (or even years) crafting will hook your target audience from word one.

This level edit will help you hook a reader in the first paragraph, help trim word count where needed, and ensure your work shines.

In-depth line editing (focused on prose execution) offers correction and smoothing of:

  • word economy
  • style/voice
  • point-of-view clarity
  • sentence structure
  • rhetorical issues (ethos, logos, pathos)
  • dialogue
  • your nonfiction angle
  • the logic and power of an argument
  • cohesiveness of ideas
  • organization
  • marketability stumbling blocks
  • grammar
  • spelling
  • punctuation
  • hyphenation
  • typos
  • proper capitalization
  • small inconsistencies (such as an eye-color change in a fictional character or inconsistency in source citations)
  • including adherence to style guides and academic formats, where needed

L. C. LewisI count having worked with Angela Eschler as both a great professional opportunity and a personal pleasure. We have worked together on three books now, two of which have been finalists in national competitions. I attribute the quality of these novels in great part to Angela’s top-caliber editing and to her wise literary guidance and knowledge of the market. I would highly recommend her team to any author regardless of genre or level of experience.”
L.C. Lewis |

Your Investment*

Fiction: $.0095 to .019 per word (with a $195 minimum price for works over 10,000 words and a $129 minimum for works under 10,000 words)

Nonfiction: generally ranges from $.012 to .020 per word (some works may fall outside this range if light ghosting is required; there is a $195 minimum price for works over 10,000 words and a $129 minimum for works under 10,000 words)

(Free sample pages of combined content & prose editing are offered upon request.)

*Rush jobs will increase your investment.

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