Taxes for Writers

LUW Josi S. Kilpack

by Lindsay Flanagan and Precision Editing Guest Contributors Josi S. Kilpack and Heather Moore Taxes. What a fun subject, right? Not? Well, doing your taxes (or paying them) may not be fun, but going to Italy to research your new novel—and writing off a lot of the trip—might be! As a professional writer, you can […]

Your Book as Film: Wooing Hollywood


by Lindsay Flanagan It may seem like the majority of recent films are based on books. While it’s true that some of the biggest blockbusters in recent years are adapted from books, the ratio of all published books to those made into films is a much smaller number—it’s less than 1% .* But you are […]

Show and Tell

Show and Tell

by Sabine Berlin The other day I was sitting in a critique session as the words show, don’t tell  went off like sirens about my latest submission. This wasn’t the first time I’d heard those words, nor—I’m certain—will it be the last. But they did get me thinking. If I showed as much as everyone […]

3 Tips for Writing the Perfect Man

3 Tips for Writing the Perfect Man 1

by Lindsay Flanagan The perfect man is only found in fiction. Right? Well, no. The perfect man doesn’t exist, even in fiction. “Perfect” characters are made of cardboard—rigid and flat rather than well-rounded and multi-dimensional. They don’t have flaws and quirks that a reader can grab hold of and relate to or become fascinated with. […]

Suspense vs. Mystery in Any Genre

Suspense vs. Mystery in Any Genre

Two Steps Ahead or Two Steps Behind? by Amy Maida Wadsworth Whether you want to write a bona fide mystery with all the genre conventions or are just looking to weave some nail-biting suspense or an air of mystery into your romance or sci-fi, the key to snagging your readers’ interest is in filling them […]