How to Self-Publish: A Checklist


by Chris Bigelow

So, you’ve completed a manuscript that you feel is worthy of publication. Now it’s time to share it with the world! If you’ve decided to go the self-publishing route, below is a checklist that will help you think through the process and what’s involved. If you’re traditionally publishing, this list also applies to your experience, but your publisher will be taking care of the majority of steps. (If you’re undecided, the article below, and our previous one here, might give you the perspective you need.)

Keep in mind that self-publishing—if  you are worried about seeing any financial return on your time and monetary investment—is the same as starting a small business. Having realistic expectations about the work required, the multiple hats you’ll don, and the learning curve you may face will help you stay on target with your goals and not become disheartened. The information below will map out those steps so you can get a realistic sense of what you’ll need to do and how long it might take; the list below also includes several tools to help you succeed—so you can more confidently dive in. [Read more...]