How Logic Can Make or Break Your Story

by Sabine Berlin “I can’t believe you did that!” We’ve all been there. You’re reading a book (or watching a movie) and you’re completely immersed in a story, when suddenly your hero does something that makes no sense whatsoever. While there are some cases where you may just play along—we all know James Bond can pretty […]

4 Tips to Make Your Nonfiction Book Stand Out

  by Bridget Cook-Burch The publishing industry has dramatically changed over the past few years. It’s more important than ever to know what agents, editors, publishers, and especially readers are looking for when it comes to a fantastic memoir, biography, how-to, or creative-nonfiction book. 

The Most Common Advice May Be the Worst

  by Angela Eschler Next to “Write what you know,” the most common piece of advice I hear at conferences is “Just write every day.” I always cringe a little when I hear that. Not because it’s not good advice. It is. But because it’s not the best advice for a newbie. There’s a context […]

Three Tips for Self-Editing Your Prose

by Emilee Newman Bowles Congratulations! You’ve written your true story or breathed life into characters who once existed only in your imagination—now what? Whether you’ve got fiction or nonfiction under your belt, now it’s time to take a look at your sentences, to smooth them out and make them delight your reader. So take out your red […]

Book Promotion on a Budget

by Heather B. Moore Months ago, when I was strategizing my marketing campaign around becoming a U.S.A Today best-selling author, I knew that anything I could pay for to promote my book, I could do myself. The question became time versus money spent. In the end, I decided to learn the ropes myself so I […]

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