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Eschler Editing gave me some of the best feedback I’ve ever gotten on a manuscript, helping me turn a good book into a great one—and they were amazingly quick about it, too. I couldn’t be happier with their work, and I look forward to working with them again. close-quote
Dan Wells, New York Times Bestselling Author

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Angela Eschler is the consummate professional when it comes to her craft and her business. I’ve rarely met an individual who puts so much time and effort into quality work for herself and her carefully selected staff. Timely, affordable, progressive, and competent, Eschler Editing is the number-one referral for my authors. close-quote
Bridget Cook-Burch, New York Times Bestselling Author and Speaker

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Defining Creative Nonfiction Categories

Genre Distinctions So You Can Get Yours Right by Marla Buttars With the publishing industry constantly evolving these days, you may ask the question, “What exactly is creative nonfiction?” And you may wonder if your life history or the lessons you want to leave as your legacy fit the definition. Can you have any fiction…

How to Write Fight Scenes

By Emilee Newman Bowles Fight scenes are some of the hardest scenes to follow in a book, and so they are some of the hardest to write well. Remember that you’re not writing a screenplay, and readers will get bored with page after page of kicks and punches—or they’ll skip over them all together. Even…

How to Get Your Book Done Quickly

A Cautionary Tale by Angela Eschler As a coach, speaker, or business owner, you may have heard that being a bestselling author gives you more credibility than being a doctor these days—that it’s the golden ticket to business success. So obviously, you need to get your book out there quickly so you can use it…

How to Add Humor to Your Book

By Emilee Newman Bowles Waka-waka! Humor has a place in every genre, even if you’re not writing comedy. Using subtle humor can lighten weighty nonfiction topics and engage readers more. And more engaging books could mean more “checks written by editors.” But comedy in writing is tricky because you can’t rely on your tone of voice…

Finding a Marketable Angle

by Angela Eschler and Lindsay Flanagan What’s the number-one thing you should start with if you want to see your nonfiction book successfully published and your message gaining traction? Your angle. Finding Your Angle The way you approach your subject will either draw your ideal clients in or push them away. Your unique angle is your…

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Get Your Guide to Stand-Out Publishing

+ the Ultimate Proofreading Checklist

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